What's Sunday like?

Welcome Home!

You will find a friendly welcome when you come in the door. Head over to grab a cup of coffee. Many will be greeting and talking in the lobby. When comfortable, find a seat in the sanctuary. Families sit together and kids are welcome to stay in the sanctuary. Come as you are! There are greeters / hosts at the door and their job is to help you feel welcome and comfortable. They can answer any questions you might have. Service starts at 10 AM.

We are currently in transition as a church! New goals, new pastor, new vision. When families with kids join us, we are quick to respond and design programs around their needs. Our ministry focus is communal- how can we come together more? This transition state applies to many things over this 2021-2022 year from worship to outreach efforts. The pandemic may have affected many things, but in it also lied the opportunity to start a few things over and approach ministry (and how we saw it) in a different way.

We spend a good deal of time in prayer. We take the prayer requests of the community very seriously and pray for them on the spot. This is one of our pastor's favorite things about Sunday services. It is a chance to connect with one another and lament or celebrate with each other what is going on in our lives. The messages are passionate, convicting and inspiring! We aim to grow together and encourage each other toward "good works".

Some words that describe us are Grace-filled, Bible-Based, Christ-Centered, Family.